What We Do
Making a difference
Our R&D division is at the core of Skyward. We truly believe in creating meaningful change, both locally and internationally. Being exposed to the harsh realities of climate change, social and economic development, infrastructure and security difficulties, it has become our mission to develop practical solutions to empower communities, businesses and governments as a whole
Research & Development

Our team focuses on finding practical, low cost solutions to real problems. With our very own teams, technology and facilities, there’s nothing our of reach


We don’t like to waste time. With all the tools and expertise at our disposal, we generate solutions rapidly, fail quickly and find our end solutions in record time, ready to solve any problem

Small-Scale Manufacturing

Once our R&D and tests are complete, its ready to build and deploy. With our in-house PCB and electronic manufacturing capabilities, additive manufacturing, steel work and composites, we overcome any challenge

Our Process
Processes and workflows are key. Our team works meticulously through each step so nothing is missed


We analyze the problem, look at potential similar existing solutions, conceptualize a practical solution, simulate and verify parameters


We quickly develop a prototype. Whether through 3D printing, steel work, composites or alike, we don’t waste time and get the answers we need


We typically test multiple versions of a prototype, including its sub-components for reliability and durability, putting it through its paces to get only the best outcomes


Once satisfied with our initial results, its time to build and deploy

Why us
Think. Do. Deliver.

We live for this. Research and Development is our passion. Every member of our team shares our core values and loves what they do. Being a small family-owned company, we value relationships, with our clients, partners and suppliers. With our vast international experience and wealth of knowledge in various fields ranging through mechanical, electrical and aeronautical engineering, telecommunications, robotics, automated systems, telemetry systems, weather sensors, GIS, remote sensing and more, there’s never been a project out of reach.

Now, we’re here for you.

Join us and make a difference
We make real things
We love what we do
we deliver right on time
We know a secret
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