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Skyward Mapping

Aerial Mapping and Surveying specialists with years of experience across the South Pacific. Utilizing both a large fleet of UAV’s (Drones) and manned aircraft, no project is out of reach. We offer a wide array of aerial services including mapping, surveying, inspection, 3D terrain modeling, GIS Analysis using our own custom hardware.

Our team is not only dedicated to servicing our clients with maximum quality at the best prices, but also revolutionizing the technologies and methodologies used to get the job done right through our very own Skyward Research and Development Lab.

Mapping & Surveying
Everything you need for land planning, design planning, landscaping, land management and so much more
Aerial Services
Infrastructure inspections, site updates, land hunting, security, aerial imagery or anything else, we have you covered
Mapping Web Platform
Our very own custom maps platform with all the tools you need to share, collaborate, draw,  and order new maps
Mapping & Surveying

Various outputs available, suitable to different needs with an array of integration options.

Whether for planning, design, modeling, research, conservation or engineering, its all possible



High Resolution Maps

High resolution maps and orthophotos for extreme detail, up to 2cm/pixel – see every detail!

Slope Analysis

Slope Analysis

Study slope gradients across any terrain in an instant. Allow for better decision making and cost effective planning with such a tool at your fingertips.

3D Terrain Model

3D Terrain Model

Visualize in complete 3D with highly densified 3D Mesh models ready for integration with various software.


Contour Lines

High definition contours accurate up to 3cm with interval capabilities between 20cm – 20km with unparalleled flexibility through completely interchangeable contour intervals!

Water Flow

Water Flow

Analyze surrounding water flow down to every bump and hill on any terrain to avoid any surprises or costly development errors.

Project Updates

Project Updates

Keep up with project or development progress to ensure conformity and accuracy. Quick virtual measurements between updates can potentially prevent costly mistakes. 



Get stunning Digital Surface Models and Digital Terrain Models for various mapping, 3D modeling and surveying applications.



Creating or overlaying boundaries and cadastral maps to pinpoint land and voiding any unwanted mistakes.

Agriculture & Forestry

Agriculture & Forestry Mapping

Skyward’s 3D mapping capabilities and advanced visualizations allow our team is able to help you asses total areas of existing crops, tree/crop counts, tree/crop elevations, tree/crop heights and much more.

Web Platform

SkywardMaps focuses on creating a practical, easy to use web platform where teams can collaborate, share and chat using simple to use GIS tools, custom on-demand High Resolution Skyward maps, on-demand Skyward aerial inspections – All with the freedom of a simple web browser.

Why choose us
With years of experience across the GIS and Remote Sensing field,
our team can do it all, and ensure your success
our process
Get Started NOW and see results immediately,
our team is here to help you go to the next level
client interraction

Get in touch to discuss your project details and requirements. Our team will ask a few questions and together we determine the right solution deliverable and services for you. We set a date, and off we go

project execution

Our team of experts will carry out the work, whether from the air, ground, or both. We’ll use our state of the art equipment for data capture, process using our servers, super computers, and GIS systems and finally provide you with the deliverable’s needed for project success

continuing support

Our pride is in ensuring that our customers are looked after. Even after delivery, we will continue to ensure any issues, difficulties or new requirements are tended to. Our SkywardMaps platform allows our customers to interact with the data we provide and enables them to request new On-Demand updates, whether its maps or inspections 

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