Skyward Industries Limited is a privately held company that runs different company divisions, each with their own branding, products and services. Our different divisions/departments cater to a range of industries. Although all departments are different from each other, with their own respective teams, we are still one big family. There is tremendous overlap between the different departments, each complimenting and supporting the other. This enables us to benefit from economies of scale and do nearly everything in-house; resulting is a very high standard of service to our customers. 


We love technology, innovation and getting things done. Creating solutions is both our hobby and business.

Our mission is to create meaningful change in the world around us, through all our departments. Being in the South Pacific, there are a number of challenges the communities, businesses and governments constantly face. Be it climate change, infrastructure development, communications, IoT, we’re there, pushing the boundaries of what technology can offer to help solve one problem at a time.

What We Work On
  • Climate Change Technologies
  • Weather Sensor Development
  • Smart City Sensors and Actuators
  • Telemetry System Development
  • UAV Design Concepts
  • UAV Manufacturing
  • UAV Command and Control Systems
  • UAV Operation Concepts
  • Geo-spatial Information Systems (GIS)
  • Cutting Edge Mapping and Surveying
  • Smart 3D City Virtualization and Automated Systems
  • Aerial Platforms and Sensor development
  • Automated Systems
  • Autonomous Security Systems
  • Private Communication Systems
  • Web Platform Development
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Our Story

Originally founded in 2012, the company has grown exponentially over the years, catering to various industries and market segments in Fiji and around the South Pacific. The company originally began with setting up Fiji’s first UAV/Drone regulation together with CAAF and the Fiji Government. Once successful in mid-2013, Skyward Industries became the first official and legally licenced entity to bring UAV services to Fiji, and the south pacific islands

Since our inception, the company has grown to provide an array of services ranging through 3D Aerial Mapping & Advanced Surveying, Media Production, Research and Development, Automated Systems and Sensor development, UAV Development, Aerial Aircraft Services, ISR, aviation consulting and more.

With various partnerships and contacts internationally, our staff is devoted to providing the most optimal solutions for a large variety of clients. Clients include multi-million dollar developments, government agencies, construction, real estate, airline, marketing agencies, resorts and many more. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in Manned and Unmanned aviation, GIS, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, automated and autonomous systems, robotics, media production, filming support and business development, the company aims to provide above and beyond industry standards.

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